Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of explains how your personal data are collected while you are using the site and why your data are collected. We respect your privacy and we think you should know everything, even a simple thing, that may affect your privacy when you are going through the site. We kindly request you to read the whole policy and understand it well before proceeding. Also, the policy may change occasionally and we demand you to visit our privacy policy page time to time to get to know the changes we have made. You inevitably agree with our privacy policy by using our site.

In this Privacy Policy, the user of the site may be reffred as “You”, “Your” and “User” when necessary and the website,, hereinafter may be referred to as the “Site”, "Our site", "We" and "Us" occasionally. We have willingly granted you the authority to question our privacy policy and have the unclear points get cleared. So, if you have any question regarding our privacy policy, personal data collection and processing, please contact us through our E-mail address that can be found on contact page.

How Do We Collect Your Information

We do not demand you to register or enter your personal data on the site as we are focused on providing information based on Education purposes rather than any other purpose.The key tactics we are using to collect your information are your site visits and your spend time on our site

What data Are collected And Why

Your use of our site automatically creates information such as data & time you visited our site, the information of the device you use to visit the site, your browser type, IP address and domain name, the OS you used to visit and your spend time on the site, etc. These information are automatically stored in log files and we use collected information for the following purposes,

  • Improve our site to be more compatible with the devices you use
  • Determine the usefulness of the site
  • To add language support
  • Update the site content
  • For advertising purposes


Our site uses cookie files to make users experince on our site to make more efficient. In nature, cookies file are small text files and they are sent by the site to web browser and demand to save in the device's hard disk. These cookies files may be used by third-parties such as Google AdSense to show you the most appropriate advertisments as we are participating in advertising occasionally to make some revenue to maintain our site. If you feel cookies are inappropriate for you, you can disable it through your browser settings though we do not recommend you to do so. Because disabling cookies may interrupt the proper functionality of the site unexpectedly.

Google Analytics

We use the Google Analytics service to analyse how our users use the site. As same as our own cookies, Google Analytics service is also using cookies to calculate the frequency of site visits and these stats are very important us to get to know the present demand for our site. In this case, we do not exactly know how Google Analytics service use and share information that are collected by them. Please refer to Google Analytics’ Help Page for more details.

Embedded content from other websites

We use embedded contents from other sites such as Videos, Images and contents, etc to make our site more useful and understandable. Once, you've clicked on an embedded content, you are no longer under our privacy policy and you become a visitor to that site and covered by its privacy policy.


As mentioned above, Google Adsense functions as the advertising partner for our site and you may see online advertisments occasionally on our site when you visit. Google Adsense set cookies on your computer to determine the most suitable advertisements for you. You may experince various advertisments occasionally and those advertisments are chosen by Google Ad-sense using cookies based on your visits to our site and other sites on the internet.

Data Sharing

We do not share any of the collected data unless legally required. As our site is basically operated based on educational purposes, we do not sell or trade any of the collected infromation with a third-party. Though we are not directly sharing the data with third-parties circularly Google Ad service use some of your data to serve ads as we are using Google Adsense. Please visit for more details.

Data Retention and Protection

The data we collect by using Google Analytics service remains for 14 months and get deleted automatically when the period ends. All the other deletion efforts depend on the site administration and untill they are permanently deleted, stored under higher security preventing third-party access.

Your Consent

By using our site, you accept our privacy policy and if you need further clarification regarding our policy please contact us via our contact email. We are always here to explain even it is a small issue that you have, since your privacy is important us as you do.

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