Download Magisk & Magisk Manager [2024]

Updates–3rd of February 2024

The latest version of Magisk v27.0 has been released by John Wu for Android Rooting. A lot more changes have been made in the updated version. He has officially announced the release of the latest version of Magisk in his tweet. Device configuration detection and OOM issues have been solved in his latest Magisk 27.0.

What is Magisk Root?

If you’re a newbie to rooting kind of stuff we are here to guide you to root your android with the latest Magisk v27.0. Magisk is the topmost rooting application in 2024 to root Android devices. Customizing Android devices and performing advanced tweaks such as flashing custom kernels, custom ROMs, overclocking, and changing system settings will no longer be difficult with the Magisk rooting solution.

Before Magisk's arrival in the Android world, SuperSu was the popular app for rooting Android smartphones. But with time passing, Magisk has taken the place of SuperSU with its impressive features. You can easily gain root access with Magisk Manager apk and experience many features and Magisk Modules

You can find many root applications on the internet today with the same solution; gain root access on your Android device. But with Magisk, it does not change or modify system partitions of your Android device while rooting. That is why magisk is known as a Systemless root solution.

When it comes to rooting, the most important function is the ability to grant administrative privileges or gain system-level access. Before magisk came into the scenario, SuperSu was used by people to root Android devices. But it directly modified the system partitions of the device, unlike Magisk.

All runs smoothly until Google releases the SafetyNet mechanism. This will check whether there are any tweak system partitions of your device. Moreover, this will lead to the inability to use most of the applications. As a solution, Magisk came into the scenario which is developed by topjohnwu. He introduced this flashable ZIP file that users can easily root their Android devices “systemless”.

In fact, it does not change system partitions of your device if you do any modifications, only it will be stored in the boot partition. This is how users can pass the SafetyNet trip successfully when Google checks. Magisk is an open-source software suite designed for customizing Android devices, providing support for devices running Android 6.0 and newer versions. Here are some highlighted features:

  • MagiskSU: Facilitates root access for applications on Android devices.
  • Magisk Modules: Allows the alteration of read-only partitions by installing customizable modules.
  • MagiskBoot: A versatile tool for unpacking and repacking Android boot images.
  • Zygisk: Enables the execution of code within the processes of every Android application.

What is Magisk Manager?

You can install the Magisk Manager APK file easily on your Android device whether rooted or not. In order to begin rooting with Magisk, check whether your device does not have a working TWRP recovery . If so, you can not use the Magisk ZIP, and the magisk manager will be the choice of rooting your device.

Beyond that, it consists of an interface to interact with applications that ask for root permissions. With magisk you can have thousands of magisk modules that you can install from the application itself.

Magsik gives uninstallation of its application to users as an advantage of using this impressive application. So, if you prefer to unroot your Android device, you don’t need to be worried. You can easily unroot your device with Magisk, unlike other rooting applications.

Why is Magisk so important?

Magisk became so popular in 2024 because of its ability to bypass google SafetyNet, extended its impressive features unlike other tools like SuperSU, Kingroot, etc. Google’s Safety net can detect whether your device has been modified with and it restricted certain applications from working properly such as Financial applications, Google Play, Pokemon Go, Netflix, etc. Magisk can hide root from applications, unlike SuperSU which only allows or denies root permission for certain applications.

Highlight Features Of Magisk

  • Systemless root: It does not tweak the system partition of your device. As a result, you can pass the safetyNet of Google and you can experience apps like Google Pay and Pokemon Go without any issues.

  • MagiskSU: This makes magisk itself a simple root solution. You can allow or deny the permission of any application. With magisk it helps to gain SuperSU standards as well.

  • Magisk Manager: Ability to install the latest updates and activate or delete the modules on your device. Beyond that, you can hide the root to bypass the SafetyNet check, download modules, and be able to grant or deny the permission of any applications.

  • ByPass SafetyNet Check: Google’s SafetyNet can detect if you have rooted your device and it will block certain apps. With Magisk you can bypass SafetyNet checks and enjoy thousands of applications.

  • OTA Updates: You can enjoy unlimited OTA updates without any issue.

  • Install Systemless Xposed: You can install the Magisk modules to tweak, improve, and to introduce functionalities to your Android device. This will enhance the battery life of the device and you can easily install ios emojis on your Android device.

Pros & Cons of Magisk


  • Able to use Financial and Banking applications.
  • Able to use Android Pay.
  • Able to use Snapchat without any issues.
  • Able to bypass SafetyNet.
  • Able to use play Pokemon Go on your rooted Android device.
  • Able to install OTA updates.


  • Security of your phone may weaken.
  • Lose the company warranty after rooting.
  • Stability Issue.

How to Install Magisk Zip on your Device?

We can suggest two methods to install Magisk on your device. There are mainly Installing magisk using TWRP recovery and Installing magisk using patched stock boot image. Let’s get started with the first method. If you have TWRP recovery installed on your device, then you can flash the flashable zip file without any trouble. What you have to do is download the latest version from the link below and follow the below tutorial.

There two ways to install Magisk zip on your device.

  • Install using TWRP Recovery
  • Install with Patched Stock Boot Image

Let's Install TWRP Recovery

TWRP is a custom recovery where you can install custom modules, flash custom Roms, install custom firmware, root your Android device, and can perform a lot more other functions. With TWRP Recovery you can enjoy thousands of features and functionalities than the default Android recovery.

Steps to Install TWRP Recovery


  • Download TWRP Recovery for your device from here.
  • Download and install the latest Android USB drivers.
  • Download ADB drivers on your computer and extract it to C:/.
  • Need to Unlock the bootloader on your device.

Note: Remember to keep a backup of your device before going to start to install TWRP.

STEP 1:Install ADB and Fastboot on Windows/Mac/Linux.

STEP 2: Enable developer mode on your phone. To enable tap continuously on Build Number on your device by navigating to About in phone settings.

STEP 3: Navigate to the Developer settings, and then find the OEM unlocking settings and toggle it on.

STEP 4: Need to unlock your bootloader. Skip this step if you have already done an advanced tweak on your device before.

STEP 5: Next, run ADB on your computer with your Android device connected through USB cable.

STEP 6: Run the following commands if your device is running on Lollipop ( Android 5.1) or lower.

fastboot oem unlock

If your device is running on Marshmallow (Android 6.0) higher, run

fastboot flashing unlock

STEP 7: In order to unlock the bootloader, first use volume keys to scroll up and down and highlight yes and then press your power button to confirm the execution.

STEP 8: Next, Download the latest TWRP image file from the link below and unzip it into the folder that you installed ADB and fastboot in earlier steps.

STEP 9: Turn off your device.

STEP 10: Next, boot your android device into the bootloader. In order to boot your device, press the volume up and power keys at once until the bootloader menu pops up.

STEP 11: Go to your ADB installation folder on your computer, then right-click on any space within the folder while pressing the shift key and tap on the Open command window.

STEP 12: Execute the following commands in the open command prompt.

fastboot flash recovery [filename.img]

Note: Replace [filename.img] with the name of the TWRP Recovery img file you downloaded earlier which is followed by the .img extension.[/su_note]

STEP 13: Finally, the flashing process will start. Once the flashing finishes run the below commands to reboot the device. Now you have successfully installed TWRP on your Android device.

fastboot reboot

How to Install Magisk using TWRP Recovery?

STEP 1: You can simply boot into TWRP Recovery if you have already located the latest Magisk zip to your device's internal storage.

STEP 2: Click on Install Button in the TWRP Recovery interface.

STEP 3: Go to the internal storage of your device where you have downloaded the Magisk zip file. Next, click on the file and proceed.

STEP 4: Swipe to confirm the flash after selecting the file.

STEP 5: After completing the flash process, you can click on the reboot button to reboot your device.

How to Install Magisk with Patched Stock Boot Image?

In this method, you have to patch the stock boot image. Follow the tutorial below by installing the Magisk Manager on your device.


  • Install a stock boot image for your firmware installed on your device. You can use tools like NCK, CM2, Miracle Box to get stock boot image file.
  • Download and install the latest Magisk Manager APK.
  • Download and install the latest ADB drivers on your PC and unzip in c:/ drive.

STEP 1: Move the downloaded stock boot image to the internal storage of your device.

STEP 2: Open the Magisk Manager and select INSTALL when a pop up displays asking permission to install magisk.

STEP 3: Click on “Patch Boot Image File”.

STEP 4: Go to internal storage and choose the boot image of your device that you transferred in earlier steps.

STEP 5: Next, Magisk will begin patching the boot image. This may take some time.

STEP 6: Copy the “patched_boot.img” from the internal storage of the device once the boot image has patched. And then move it to the C:\ drive ADB folder on your Computer.

STEP 7: Press the shift key and right-click on an empty space in the same folder.

STEP 8: Choose “Open PowerShell Window here”.

STEP 9: Next, boot your device into bootloader.

STEP 10: Connect your device to the computer using a USB cable.

STEP 11: Type the below commands in your command window shell to install Magisk and to root your device.

fastboot flash boot patched_boot.img

STEP 12: Reboot your device once it is completed. To reboot type below command.

fastboot reboot

To confirm the installation was a success, launch the magisk manager once your phone reboots.

How to Verify if your Android device has a systemless root?

STEP 1: Download and install the Magisk Manager APK open the magisk manager application.

STEP 2: In order to check whether you have a systemless root, look at the top of the screen of your device and if it appears all options with the Green tick, then it means you have successfully rooted and bypassed SafetyNet.

How to Uninstall Magisk and Unroot Android device

If you want to uninstall Magisk for any reason, we will guide you in the below tutorial. You can easily uninstall the Magisk Manager app itself. Make sure to disable and remove all the modules before going to uninstall Magisk.

STEP 1: Launch the Magisk Manager application on your device.

STEP 2: Click on the "Uninstall” button.

STEP 3: Next, confirm the uninstallation by clicking on the “Complete uninstall”.

STEP 4: You can reboot your device after finishing the uninstallation process.


Best Magisk Modules you must use in 2024

  • Volume Steps
  • App Systemizer
  • Viper4Android
  • YouTube Vanced
  • Xposed Framework
  • Debloater Magisk Module
  • Emoji One
  • Pixel Experience Magisk Module
  • Camera2 API Enabler Module
  • Greenify4Magisk
  • GPU Turbo Boost
  • Cloudflare DNS

How to use Magisk Hide on Your Device?

You may have an experience that there are some applications that you can not access on your rooted device. Magisk Hide lets you hide the root from gaming applications like Pokemon Go and also any financial applications including banking applications. If you really want to take the benefits of Magisk hide, go and activate it. We’ll guide you in the below tutorial.

STEP 1: Launch the Magisk Manager application on your device and then tap on the menu button to get permission.

STEP 2: Tap on the Settings of the menu bar.

STEP 3: Scroll down and enable the Magisk hide option.

STEP 4: Tap on the menu bar again and then click on “Magisk Hide”.

STEP 5: Finally, Select the app you like to hide the root.


Manager is undoubtedly one of the must have applications on your Android phone. It is the simplest solution to all the root related issues that arise after rooting the device. We expect that you have a complete understanding of what is Magisk and Magisk Manager, and how magisk Manager performs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.Can I use Magisk for root Android devices?

You can root your Android device with Magisk and it is a freeware rooting solution for your Android device. If you are planning to install magisk, then you can install it using the Magisk Manager application.

Q2.What does Magisk manager do?

Magisk Manager performs systemless rooting on your Android device which is a simplest way to modify the system without changing its system partitions. Most importantly it allows users to have root and other modifications on your device without blocking popular applications.

Q3.Does Magisk need Manager?

If you have already rooted your Android device and are planning to access Magisk Modules,then you can use magisk Manager to install the magisk framework on your device. But we recommend you to install magisk on a non-rooted device using TWRP to give a fresh start.

Q4.What does Systemless Magisk mean?

It can root your device without modifying system partitions of your device. This can improve efficiency of your device.

Q5.What is Magisk root?

Simple one-click root solution for Android devices. Magisk makes Android rooting simple, effective and easy.

Q6.What does Magisk Hide mean?

You can hide root access to use the application which does work if your Android device is rooted.

Q7.Can I regain warranty of my Android device after rooting with Magisk?

Yes, rooting Android devices will void the manufacturer’s warranty. But you can unroot the device and relock the bootloader if you want to regain the warranty.

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